Saint Joseph the Worker


Saint Joseph the Worker –  Connecting Workers and Employers

God provides us with unique skills, gifts and talents, and calls us to particular roles and activities.  Although the roles might have apparent differences in importance, our callings are equal. They are a spiritual calling. There are no second-class callings from God.  We will be worthy of this calling if we are devoted in our relationship with Him and look to Him only for leadership and strength.

Our work should be centered on service to others. From the products and services we provide, to providing fair financial rewards, and providing opportunities for others to exercise their gifts and talents. Our work is an opportunity to seek the peace and well being of our organizations, cities, and nations. Humility and gratitude should be the hallmark of our character. We should always acknowledge God in our work and consider that being an ambassador for Him is a weighty, but honored, responsibility.

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